The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

This course is the only course you will need to become a IOS 10 Developer! An impressive 80 hours of content written by industry experts. It covers developing apps for TVOS, iPad, iPhone and the incredible Apple Watch. It simply has it all to get you up to speed FAST with iOS 10 specifics. This course … Read more

Face Detection with Core Image

In this post we’re going to see how to use Core Image to build a face detector. We’ll use a static image that we load into Xcode using the asset manager and draw on the region that we’ve identified as a face. Download the source code for this post . Before we delve into the Swift source code. Let’s first discuss … Read more

Create a Contacts Manager using Core Data

In this tutorial, we’re going to delve into Core Data and build an app to manage our contacts. We’re going to learn about creating a data model, add records to the model, fetch data, and display data using a list. Download the source code for this post . Let’s create a new Single View Application called Contacts and select the Core … Read more

How to Access the User’s Location in iOS Apps

Hello World! In this post, we’re going to look at how we can retrieve the user’s location as pure data and as a position on a map. We’ll look into the CoreLocation and MapKit modules and build an app that will display some diagnostic information like latitude, longitude, altitude, and accuracy. Right underneath those fields, we’ll have a map view that will … Read more

How to Pull Internet Data in iOS Apps

Hello world! In this post, we’re going to learn how to use the new NSURLSession class to quickly and efficiently connect to the internet and pull data. We’ll be using the OpenWeatherMap API to build a very simple forecasting app. In addition, we’ll also be learning about grand central dispatch (GCD) and how multithreading works in iOS. Download the … Read more