Structs and Enums in Swift

 Structures We’ve discussed classes in Swift and how they are the foundation of object-oriented programming. In addition to classes, we also have structures that provide similar functionality. A structure is similar to a class since it can also have methods, properties, and initializers, but a structure is a value type where classes are reference types. Every type in Swift is either a value type … Read moreStructs and Enums in Swift

iOS Project Management App Tutorial – Part 1

Hello World! This is the first half of the two-part post that will combine what we’ve been learning from several different posts into a fully-functional app: Taskr. Taskr is a classic project management app where the user is trying to keep track of all of the tasks related to a particular project. While we’re building Taskr, we’ll also learn plenty of new techniques like … Read moreiOS Project Management App Tutorial – Part 1

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