Create a Contacts Manager using Core Data

In this tutorial, we’re going to delve into Core Data and build an app to manage our contacts. We’re going to learn about creating a data model, add records to the model, fetch data, and display data using a list. Download the source code for this post . Let’s create a new Single View Application called Contacts and select the Core … Read moreCreate a Contacts Manager using Core Data

How to Navigate Between View Controllers in iOS

Hello World! In this post we’re going to learn how to effectively navigate between two or more view controllers using segues and a UINavigationController. We’ll also see how we can pass data between them using properties. We’ll be building a small app that will use a UINavgiationController to navigate between two view controllers and pass data between them … Read moreHow to Navigate Between View Controllers in iOS

Hello World – First Steps with iOS

Hello world! In this post, we’re going to get started with iOS development using Swift! We’ll start by building a simple Hello World app that will allow the user to enter their name and push a button; then the text in the middle will change to say “Hello” and the entered name. Download the source code . Learn iOS by building real apps Check out … Read moreHello World – First Steps with iOS

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