Free Course – Break Blocks with the XR Interaction Toolkit

Start creating your own rhythm game in Unity VR by combining the XR Interaction Toolkit and C# code to build breakable note blocks. You can also explore the full scope of creating a VR rhythm game by checking out the full course below!

Create a Rhythm Game with the XR Interaction Toolkit


Utilizing the instruction of Daniel Buckley, an experienced Unity developer, you’ll explore how you can create blocks that can be sliced in virtual space using your VR controllers for an Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, or Oculus Rift S device. You’ll also get to explore Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit and master easy-to-use tools for adding interactable objects to your game scenes. Whether you’re looking to build your own rhythm game or simply upskill into VR development skills, this VR tutorial will help you take those first crucial steps!