Free Course – Create a Balloon Popper Mini-Game in Unity

Learn to create a balloon popper mini-game using C# script in Unity. Not only will you learn common gameplay features such as scoring, user input, and more, but you’ll also gain the skills needed to build bigger and more complex game projects in a variety of genres. You can explore the full course below!

Mini-Projects – Explore Game Development & C#


With instructions from developer Daniel Buckley, this balloon popper mini-game tutorial will help you get started with Unity & C# fundamentals by learning to apply them in a practical setting. You’ll not only learn how to implement multiple scripts in one project, but also master how to build user interfaces, deal with user inputs, apply materials to objects, and access object data through scripting. Regardless of the game project you wish to build, these foundations will help you to master a variety of techniques for creating C# scripts and utilizing Unity engine features to create functional and interactive games!